Trends in cosmetic surgery

Trends in cosmetic surgery

Many people believed they needed some cosmetic surgery or procedure post-Covid. Let’s face it, the lockdown was for most of us a time of chilling, with minimal physical effort. Many of us come through the pandemic mostly unscathed, but with quite a few extra pounds around the waist and elsewhere.

Big increase in men booking surgery and other procedure

Breast reduction, augmentation, and tummy tucks are still popular but are under threat from procedures men typically choose. These include, to use layman’s terms: body contouring, ear pinning, liposuction, fat grafting and chemical peels. Many people want to look a little younger, a little sleeker and are willing to pay the price.

Surgically enhanced beauty has crossed genders and has also moved up in the average age demographic. Once the domain of famous, wanna-be famous and rich women, it has now become a tool for many upwardly mobile men of all ages who feel that playing a certain role, requires a certain look.

We all strive for a little better

The stigma surrounding cosmetic enhancement has long gone. Organizations like Cosmetic Surgery Hotline are primed to guide you to a cosmetic intervention. Whether it is invasive or otherwise, you deserve the opportunity to unlock more of the true you that has been hiding underneath those pounds or under that physical imperfection.