Finally a price comparison site for hair transplants in Turkey, reviewed

Finally! Something that exists in countless other industries has come to the world of hair transplants as well. What am I talking about?

Price comparison sites!

In one go you are now able to compare hair transplant clinics in Turkey and get offers tailored to you. We at cosmetic surgery love keeping track of the latest cosmetic surgery trends so we tried It is amazing and we can’t wait until they start offering cosmetic surgery comparisons as well!

Here is how the site works

Step 1 – You fill in a questionnaire answering questions such as which locations your prefer to travel to (they offer Antalya, Izmir and of course the amazing Istanbul), your hair loss pattern, your gender, when you want your hair transplant to take place and if this is your first hair transplant or not. It took us exactly 4 minutes to fill it out.

Step 2 – You then select the messenger app you prefer (they offer Whatsapp, Facebook and Telegram) and upload pictures or a video of your hair loss. My hair is fine and I just want to test the experience, so I regrettably must say that I faked the pictures using photoshop…

Step 3 – Within 15-20 minutes I got a response from John, the representative, who after some questions, continued to book a phone consultation for me with 3 Istanbul clinics. The first one the next day which was a Friday (now that is FAST).

Review of Hair transplant clinic Esthetic Hair Turkey (clinic 1)

esthetic hair turkey

I talked to a very professional Mr. Serkan that promptly answered all my questions. After talking for about 20 minutes, he gave me a discounted price of 1800 Euro all-inclusive, transfer with a 4-star hotel in Great Fortune Hotel in Sultan Ahmed, hair transplantation at one of the bigger hospitals with a JCI and ISO certification (which is obviously a must).

I asked myself if I just got lucky or if all the clinics are this good?

Review of Hair transplant clinic IdealofMeD. (clinic 2)


Time for my second call, this time with the Turkey based Scandinavian Hair Restoration specialist IdealofMeD. I talked to the friendly Swedish and incredibly professional Mr. Mikail that not only answered my questions, but he also continued to give me advice on so many other factors no other firm even bothered with:

  • Which shampoos to use
  • Scalp harmonization methods
  • Frequency of hair washes
  • Various tools and serums to use based on my hair loss
  • Showering water quality

Basically a Northern European approach to medicine. Rather than just make money on me, they tried to understand my hair loss as well, and find a solution to this, in parallell to answering my detailed questions related to my needed hair restoration. 

He made sure that I –as a woman– would feel comfortable with only female patients in the related department. I was in good hands. Having discussed with 7 other firms I was frankly so tired of overselling from call centre sales staff with absolute zero knowledge with.

After almost an hour, based on my particular hair restoration, he gave me an all-inclusive price of GBP 1950. This included transfers, 3 nights with breakfast at the 5-star hotel Hyatt Regency along with the hair transplant at an incredible JCI and ISO certified hospital, which was clearly something else than the obscure small clinics that I researched previously- in the end this was a 5 hour surgery, and not a botox treatment.

Their Specialist also explained how they, as part of their package, plant trees for everyone who books with them in order to assure that all their patients travelling becomes carbon neutral or better. 

Review of Hair transplant clinic Esteriva Clinic (clinic 3)

esteriva clinic

Another very friendly and professional Mr. Misha from Portugal -one of the owners- answered all my questions and after about 20 minutes gave me the price of 1950 Euro once again all-inclusive with a 4-star hotel that he couldn’t name because they were negotiating and the hair transplant happening not at a hospital, but at their own clinic, so I didn’t have to travel so much.

Best hair transplant clinic in Turkey – IdealofMeD.

So which one is the best? I had many calls in 3 days with great offers and all my questions answered and confirmed by multiple hair transplant clinics! You have to love the way the Internet makes everything easier.

Even though the price was not the cheapest of the firms I talked to, there was a clear quality advantage, so I immediately choose IdealofMeD- in the end saving GBP 100-150 and having a bad transplant was not an option. So for me I wanted all of the above plus reasonable price- so IdealofMed was the easy option. As the name suggests, they have Swedish roots (I love IdealofSweden), and they certainly had the Swedish service and quality going for it as well- I am so so happy.

  1. By far the most professional
  2. They were empathic with me being a woman
  3. After the call, I right away got my Welcome Package in writing. It also included info on how I could calculate the impact of my travel and choose which trees I wanted to plant to offset this – So Scandinavian, loved it!
  4. Also what was interesting with their package was that they actually the week my following my booking started with their consultation over the phone and over skype- 3 months prior to the procedure- to make sure that I had done everything in my power to stop my hair loss before going to Turkey.

IdealofMed understands what European clients are looking for, and I strongly recommend it for European patients with a preference for quality and result.

A round trip from London to Istanbul using this carbons emissions calculator came back to 386/CO KG. I immediately got to select which trees to plant here. I would have selected 10 Acacias as they together will offset 4000/CO KG in their lifetime.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I will help you on your way! 


probably taking my brother and my hubby to IdealofMed after the summer to do their hair restorations, so I can do some shopping ☺


Yours as always, Samantha.