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Hyperbaric Chamber

In the pursuit of a perfect body, cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the years. There are conventional operations that have been accepted globally and there are other concepts that need more research before being mainstream. Have you ever heard someone tell you that you could freeze fat with CoolSculpting? If not, there is a lot you need to know.

The World Of Cosmetic Surgery

People are getting cosmetic surgery by the thousands every year. The procedures vary and new ones are constantly researched. This means having the right information is crucial. At the Cosmetic Surgery Hotline, we offer answers to all questions you might have. One question usually asked is – ‘What are the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy after surgery?’

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is done by exposing the body to an atmosphere of 100% oxygen inside a pressurised chamber. The procedure increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry which is supposed to promote faster healing process. This explains why it is a popular post-op therapy treatment. The process was initially used to treat decompression sickness.

The Benefits

Proper healing and recovery are crucial in cosmetic surgery. Healing rates vary from person to person due to different physiologies. Some medical conditions also affect this rate and hence people prefer to use the hyperbaric chamber. The obvious benefits include faster healing time and reduced overall post-op pain. Post-surgical bruising, swelling, and inflammation are also reduced. That said, consulting your doctor about your eligibility as well as possible side effects is crucial.