Get the best cosmetic surgery in Turkey

Best Cosmetic Surgery In Turkey: No Waiting Lists

Turkey is among the top destinations in the world where people choose to have aesthetic procedures. This is primarily because of the quality and pricing. It is estimated that close to 100,000 international patients travel to Turkey for cosmetic surgery, annually, because the cost is between 2 to 3 times cheaper than in the USA. Plus, the numerous medical centres and medical personnel available means that waiting lists are very minimal.

Best Cosmetic Surgery In Turkey

Health tourism is a surging trend in the modern world, where private hospitals even include vacations as part of the treatment cost. It is difficult to distinguish which hospital or surgeon offers the best cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Potential patients have a choice of over 40 medical centres that are JCI certified, meaning they comply with the strict international standards of treatment.

Furthermore, a majority of these plastic surgery centres provide accommodation in 5-star hotels to their clients. They also provide free transfer of the patients to other medical facilities, particularly during the post-surgery phase, for checkups. Most of them also offer a translator to help bridge the language barrier, which counts as a part of the vacation package.

Cosmetic Surgery Centers In Turkey

The city of Antalya is renowned for its large concentration of cosmetic medical centres. These boast of multilingual staff who, in particular, speak English. This area is also known for having some of the most affordable prices. An example of the many reputable medical centres in this area is the Mediface Aesthetic. They offer different services including performing a rhinoplasty, Brazilian buttocks lift, and hair transplantation, among others.

Planning A Cosmetic Surgery Trip To Turkey

The overall cost of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is nearly 3 times less than it is in America and major European countries. However, potential clients are guaranteed to find renowned medical centres with some of the most highly rated cosmetic surgeons. Istanbul, the Turkish capital, is considered the most expensive cosmetic surgery destination in Turkey. It has qualified surgeons in medical centres such as Surgery TR and MCAN Health. Other notable cities with plenty of medical centres are Besiktas and Kusadasi.

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